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Spokane, Baseball, and Coffee

Highlighting a recent application by our Spokane location. They had been approached by Dutch Coffee Brothers to supply clear plastic to protect their storefront’s vinyl wrap. This is at Avista Stadium, home of the Spokane Indians baseball team. Polycarbonate was chosen both for its high-strength (which resists vandalism) and that it accepts drilling better than acrylic. Spokane branch supplied several sheets of clear 3/16″ thick general purpose polycarbonate for the job the drilling and assembly was done on site.

The picture below is of the Dutch Bros. Coffee team. While the polycarbonate is clear you can see it in front of the graphics.



Training Complete

Congrats to Rob Tenetuik, Chris Turner and Matt Blom for completing Redwood’s product training last week! It was a special session as Nate, Nylatech’s new Technical Sales rep, also attended.

The guys really hit it off and enjoyed their time out here…Minus Chris’ lesson on “consumer plastics” he learned the hard way: inside his food! And Nate, the sole American of the group, learning that the definition of what is “iced tea” gets lost in translation when you come to Canada.

Thanks go to Don McMillan for all his hard work keeping those guys focused for four days. It was a feat!

The important note for Redwood employees involved in sales is that the training slides in your binders are now available digitally in PDF form. Email Matt at if you’re interested in a digital copy.

Welcome Abord!

We are proud to introduce a member to our team!

Mike Langston has joined the outside sales team at the Vancouver branch.

Mike lives in North Delta and brings over 15 years of sales experience ranging from the radio/advertising industry, heavy machinery and industrial lighting.

His clientele has included advertising, industrial and construction accounts.

Welcome Aboard!

We are proud to introduce a member to our team!

Brooks Schaener has joined the Woodland Branch as an outside sales representative.

Brooks lives in Portland, Oregon and brings over 20 years of sales experience ranging from the auto parts industry to lumber distribution. His customers have included mechanics, industrial accounts, fishing and forestry industry, construction and retail.

Employee Spotlight – Greg Smith


Years with Redwood: 7 1/2
My immediate family consists of: My Wife- Leanne {better half} Mother Lila, Sister Cathy

Likes: Cooking, spending time at our recreation property, building, and someday relaxing

Dislikes: Mosquito’s, fire bans, curious, Cougars {not soccer Mom’s}

Favorite Food: Anything barbecued and seafood

Favorite Pastime: Enjoying the peace and quiet in the mountains

I’m most proud of: Developing our recreation property

My prized possession is: Our place at Sunshine Valley

Recent vacation was to: You guessed it, our recreation property


Favorite vacation spot is: Cuba, Cancun Mexico

Other comments: When the work is finished I would like to get back into gold panning. 

Employee Spotlight – Don McMillan


Years with Redwood: 30

My immediate family consists of:    
My Wife Yvette
My Daughters Hanna & Katie, My step-sons Josh & Micheal

Family, golf, travelling, wine tasting,
history, reading & learning, working
with people, hockey, football & basketball

Dislikes: Being late

Favorite Food: All types – can’t you tell!!

Favorite Pastime: Exploring our great city of Vancouver and surrounding areas

I’m most proud of: My Family & being employed by Redwood for almost 30 years

My prized possession is: My new TaylorMade Driver (Burner) – I am actually hitting the golf ball straight (well some of the time) 

Recent vacation was to: Vancouver/Victoria – local trips

Favorite vacation spot is: Mexico, Disney World, & Caribbean

I’d like to take this opportunity to brag about:
My parents – both 88 years old- married 63 years – countless work for various charities – always helping  others – great mentors – today they are both in wheelchairs and still live for and help each other.